Will Mobile Phones Change the World?

5986353a_imgHasn’t it yet? There is a lot to tackle about this topic and I guess the best way to discuss it is to ask what else hasn’t the mobile phone industry affected?

If we look around the UK, cellphone signal is everywhere and there is probably just about 2% of the whole country that does not really have cellphone reception. Yes, there are spots where the signal is bad but you can still make a phone call or send a message if you try really hard. The thing is, it seems like nowadays, everything we do revolves around our mobile phones. Whether it’s for communication, entertainment, connecting with friends and probably even looking for what to eat or where to go, we turn to our mobile devices for help.

To say that mobile phones have changed the world is an understatement. For most of us, we can barely remember how it was to live every single day without a phone. There is even a phobia for not being without a cellphone now. However, no matter how we try to live a simple life, it is very hard to do so without a phone, and a smart one at that.

Cellphone manufacturers and mobile phone network providers have made sky-high profits over the past few years. Upgrades for smartphones seem like a necessity rather than a want as smartphone manufacturers create tougher competition every now and then.

Mobile phones have made the world a more convenient place to live and although there may be some negative effects, we cannot discount the fact that connectivity to the world nowadays is a must.

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