The Smartphone Competition

competitionEvery now and then we see a new smartphone released. It could be from a totally different line from an emerging cellphone manufacturing company or another upgrade from a giant.

We buy the latest smartphone and just after a couple of months or so enjoying its great features, that are probably the best at time of release, another one will come out and will make us want to go for an upgrade immediately. This is a story that goes on over and over again and even though it is very exciting to have a new phone every now and then, it hurts our pockets way more than we want to admit.

We still have not gotten over the excitement about the iPhone 5S and 5C and news about the iPhone 6 coming out in September is already abound. Those who prefer Samsung and have recently purchased the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 will be even more disappointed to know that the S5 could come out as early as April of this year.

What is surprising is that the innovations coming out from these smartphones seem to be endless. The competition gets tougher and tougher as more and more amazing features are added to every new model of smartphone. From the design to the camera, the processor to the battery life, there is always something to improve. If this keeps happening at the rate it’s going now, I just wonder how smartphones will be like this time next year. And you can get the best mobile phone reviews on

The issue though is not about who creates the latest, the best, the most innovative gadget that mankind will ever know. The issue is a little bit more personal – as personal as our pockets. How long are we going to be able to keep up with smartphone upgrades? How long before we just throw our hands up and give up chasing the best model there is? Will there ever be a change in the prices of high-end phones soon?

Let’s keep hoping there will be. Otherwise, the smartphone competition will just be relevant to the giants. If customers can no longer buy the latest gadget, what is the use of improving?

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