The Best Game Apps for iPhone 5S

The Apple Store has millions of apps and more are even added every day. This makes it tricky to find the best apps for your iPhone 5S so we’ve narrowed down the list for you. We’re giving you some of the best and the latest apps to enjoy on your iPhone.


Cut the Rope 2

If you liked the om nom adventure you’ve come to know of from your previous Apple devices, you will surely like Cut the Rope 2. It’s a new challenging game with brilliant graphics and exciting levels. You may easily think that this is a game for kids but believe me, no matter how old or young you are, you could easily fall into the trap of playing this game for hours.

Plants Vs Zombies 2

Yes, we all went gaga over PVZ and we waited for a long time for the second version of the game to come out. Now that it’s finally here, it made its way to the top of our list. PVZ2 is as exciting as the first one with a couple of added surprises in the gameplay. This is yet another addictive game so be warned.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Playing this game used to make me angry and frustrated if I cannot get over a level. Nonetheless, I’ve grown pretty addicted to the Angry Birds installment and the Star Wars edition is simply another one with amazing gameplay. Levels are more challenging than ever and graphics are very interesting. You will simply spend hours of fun with this game.

 Temple Run 2

It looks like the games we used to enjoy have come back to life with more challenges and more interesting scenes. Temple Run 2 is one of those and it is rather exceptional how the scenery in this one and the older version have changed. This game is as addictive as ever and would still make you jump off your seat as you run for your life and collect coins.

 FIFA 13 iOS

FIFA games have always been a great football game that even non-football fans love. With the addition of the online game play and new moves, the FIFA 13 has become another very likeable game.

Real Racing 2

The graphics are great. The gameplay is spectacular. The challenges are thrilling. What else could you possibly look for in a racing game? Real racing 2 has it all. The only challenge here is to be the best mobile phone driver you could possibly can.

There you have it – my top choices for the best iPhone 5S games. We’re going to have to be even more excited for 2014 apps coming out so watch out for that list soon.

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