Smartphones: Is Bigger Always Better?

Smartphones keep getting bigger but are they getting better? The screen display is probably one of the top features we look at on a smartphone to affect our decision making process. A lot of us are lured into buying giant smartphones because the screens are so appealing and it seems that we can do a lot more with a big screen than a limited one.


Since watching videos, reading e-books and playing games are normal things to do on smartphones, the bigger the screen, the better the experience becomes. What some fail to see is that there are actually some disadvantages to having giant phones.

First of all, a bigger screen consumes more battery. This means that your device probably won’t last the whole day. What good would a big screen do you then if your phone is off and you need to make an important phone call or send an urgent message? I am not trying to disappoint you here; just letting you know how inconvenient that is going to be.

Second, a bigger screen means you would have a hard time operating your smartphone with one hand. I know of a friend who uses a giant smartphone. She had a baby and could then barely hold her giant phone while holding her little one. She later on traded for a smaller phone so she could still perform important tasks on her mobile device while lulling the baby to sleep – a talent that working moms should be able to learn in no time.

The last thing, but not the least, I want to mention about having a giant phone is that it could be rather hard to keep. You cannot put it in your pocket because it probably won’t fit, unless you are using those big loose jeans that thugs wear, and I doubt you can do that when you go to work.

Smaller screen phones may not be as appealing to some but for me, it is definitely more convenient to have and to use. There are tablets designed for bigger viewing anyway.

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