Educational Apps: How Helpful Are They?

Because more and more kids are now growing up with smartphones and tablets, it is to much relief for parents and teachers that there are educational apps that can be used to aid learning and development. Hundreds of thousands of educational apps are added to the app stores of Android and Apple and it could be quite confusing to choose one that is suitable for kids.


Schools are moving into the convenience of using technology as aid in learning. Tablets are now used for activities and millions of pounds are being spent on apps used by the students and teachers. The good news is that these apps seem to work.

Think about it. If you are a parent or a teacher and you simply could not help your little one to spend sometime on your smartphone or tablet, you would rather they do it playing with something educational, right? Thankfully, there are many apps that can teach math skills, language and reading skills, history lessons and there are even more apps that help those with special needs.

Educational apps are revolutionary. We hope of course that they don’t replace traditional schooling. As long as they remain as aids, these educational apps we see everywhere are as awesome as they could be.

Here are some educational apps I recommend:

Funimal Phonics

UK and US English sounds are taught in this educational app that offers fun for both kids and parents. The flash cards are eye-catching and the friendly animal begets the interest of children while learning phonics alphabet.

Little Digits

Learning how to count has never been this fun. This app lets your kid touch the screen with his or her fingers as he or she learns to count. There are simple and challenging math problems here that will surely teach your little one the basics of math in no time.

Around the Clock

Teaching a child how to tell the time can be quite frustrating but with this app, your child will learn it while having fun at the same time. There are 24 mini games that represent the hours of the day and helps your child get familiar with the clock.

Move the Turtle

If you think that you have a little IT specialist, this could be the best app to start with. Children from 5 years onwards can learn the basics of programming with this fun educational app. The friendly turtle will guide them in every step to help your child get ready for the more complicated stuff about computers.

Toca Kitchen

This one if for food lovers, which is, well, most of us actually. Teach your child the basics of cooking in this fun game before letting them loose in your kitchen. You won’t be sorry and you won’t be cleaning up too much mess once they have mastered the basics of frying, using the microwave, slicing ingredients and boiling.

So there’s a short list of my top educational apps. There are so much more apps for you and your child to explore so have fun with your little one!

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