Bizarre Gadgets For Your Smartphones

As we expected, smartphones are no longer enough to make you look cool, act cool and feel cool. There has got to be some additional gadgets connected to your smartphones as if they cannot do almost anything and everything you hope it would. Here are some cool, albeit weird gadgets, we have come across:


This is an egg-shaped Android projector. What does it do? Follow you around your house to take photos of strangers coming into your home. You hear someone knocking on your door and you’re still in bed too lazy to move? Call out your keecker to take a snapshot and deliver the image to you by projecting it directly on your ceiling. This is a real life R2D2 that could easily entertain you for hours on end.

iPad Chopping Board

Totally unnecessary? Probably. But there’s quite a number of us who enjoy checking recipes while cooking or chopping ingredients so it’s easy to see how this one could become pretty popular. The chopping board has a dedicated stand for your iPad so you don’t have to place it anywhere dangerous in your kitchen anymore.


This one is pretty amazing. It’s a mood light controlled by your iPhone or iPad. You can change the colors, pump the mood with your tunes and play pretend club partying at your own home.


Yes, we have heard of smart watches that can be used to control your smartphones. We’re not totally surprised by those anymore, but an iRing is a whole new different story. It was first designed to control music playback but developers are looking into putting more controlling power to the ring. Let’s just hope it does not turn Frodo into a monster this time. Mother

A Matrioska doll working as a home monitoring system that pushes notifications to your smartphones has amazed quite a number of people at its launch. It collects information from motion sensors and notifies you of changes in temperature, breaking and entering into your home or even remind you of a forgotten prescription.

As you can see, I have not added images to these gadgets, as it would be fun to leave to your imagination how these stuffs would look like. Technology really has no boundaries and it would be really fun to watch out for what’s to come next. The world has changed tremendously with smartphones and it looks to me like these gadgets people are coming up with will still make even more amazing changes. If you love technology, there are a lot more gadgets to explore. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss all of them here at once but I promise to keep you updated with new and crazy things I find out about. If you have discoveries of your own, please feel free to share them with me too!

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