Bizarre Gadgets For Your Smartphones

As we expected, smartphones are no longer enough to make you look cool, act cool and feel cool. There has got to be some additional gadgets connected to your smartphones as if they cannot do almost anything and everything you hope it would. Here are some cool, albeit weird gadgets, we have come across:


This is an egg-shaped Android projector. What does it do? Follow you around your house to take photos of strangers coming into your home. You hear someone knocking on your door and you’re still in bed too lazy to move? Call out your keecker to take a snapshot and deliver the image to you by projecting it directly on your ceiling. This is a real life R2D2 that could easily entertain you for hours on end.

iPad Chopping Board

Totally unnecessary? Probably. But there’s quite a number of us who enjoy checking recipes while cooking or chopping ingredients so it’s easy to see how this one could become pretty popular. The chopping board has a dedicated stand for your iPad so you don’t have to place it anywhere dangerous in your kitchen anymore.


This one is pretty amazing. It’s a mood light controlled by your iPhone or iPad. You can change the colors, pump the mood with your tunes and play pretend club partying at your own home.


Yes, we have heard of smart watches that can be used to control your smartphones. We’re not totally surprised by those anymore, but an iRing is a whole new different story. It was first designed to control music playback but developers are looking into putting more controlling power to the ring. Let’s just hope it does not turn Frodo into a monster this time. Mother

A Matrioska doll working as a home monitoring system that pushes notifications to your smartphones has amazed quite a number of people at its launch. It collects information from motion sensors and notifies you of changes in temperature, breaking and entering into your home or even remind you of a forgotten prescription.

As you can see, I have not added images to these gadgets, as it would be fun to leave to your imagination how these stuffs would look like. Technology really has no boundaries and it would be really fun to watch out for what’s to come next. The world has changed tremendously with smartphones and it looks to me like these gadgets people are coming up with will still make even more amazing changes. If you love technology, there are a lot more gadgets to explore. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss all of them here at once but I promise to keep you updated with new and crazy things I find out about. If you have discoveries of your own, please feel free to share them with me too!

Smartphones: Is Bigger Always Better?

Smartphones keep getting bigger but are they getting better? The screen display is probably one of the top features we look at on a smartphone to affect our decision making process. A lot of us are lured into buying giant smartphones because the screens are so appealing and it seems that we can do a lot more with a big screen than a limited one.


Since watching videos, reading e-books and playing games are normal things to do on smartphones, the bigger the screen, the better the experience becomes. What some fail to see is that there are actually some disadvantages to having giant phones.

First of all, a bigger screen consumes more battery. This means that your device probably won’t last the whole day. What good would a big screen do you then if your phone is off and you need to make an important phone call or send an urgent message? I am not trying to disappoint you here; just letting you know how inconvenient that is going to be.

Second, a bigger screen means you would have a hard time operating your smartphone with one hand. I know of a friend who uses a giant smartphone. She had a baby and could then barely hold her giant phone while holding her little one. She later on traded for a smaller phone so she could still perform important tasks on her mobile device while lulling the baby to sleep – a talent that working moms should be able to learn in no time.

The last thing, but not the least, I want to mention about having a giant phone is that it could be rather hard to keep. You cannot put it in your pocket because it probably won’t fit, unless you are using those big loose jeans that thugs wear, and I doubt you can do that when you go to work.

Smaller screen phones may not be as appealing to some but for me, it is definitely more convenient to have and to use. There are tablets designed for bigger viewing anyway.

Security Issues for Mobile Banking Apps

securityMobile banking apps have tremendously made banking more convenient for most of us. Making deposits, payments and handling all sorts of transactions for your account on your smartphone has become a standard nowadays. However, it seems as though there are quite a number of security issues on mobile banking apps that we fail to notice at first glance.

These issues include phishing forms while you’re logged in on your account, lack of alternate verification method and sharing your information with other apps. Of course these are great concerns that should be looked at and should be resolved by the app developers immediately. We do not want to go back to traditional banking if we can conveniently do many things from our mobile devices but the public has to be warned against these issues.

These issues seem to be not surprising to those who understand technology more than others. Applications always have flaws and security is one thing you do not want to compromise here. Unfortunately, not everybody understands how things operate under the screen. The solution here is that banks should take the responsibility to make their applications secure before launching it for the clients to use.

Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

The battery is always a problem for smartphones because the phones keep getting thinner and smarter. There’s a lot to power up with a big screen and multi-tasking capabilities and although we really want our smartphones to last at least the whole day we are at the office, most die out in the middle of the day, especially if we have a lot of need to check messages and make calls. Couple that up with watching videos, playing games and browsing the web and we really have a problem.


Here are some tips on how to make your smartphone battery last longer:

Keep it cool

Where we put our cellphones actually affect the battery’s performance. If you put it inside your pocket, the phone tends to heat up so if you want to save some juice, keep it cool. Place it where there is room temperature to avoid draining the battery.

Turn of Bluetooth, WiFi and other connectivity options you don’t use

These things are pretty convenient but if you have them running all the time, they will drain your battery very fast.

Vibration off

People tend to put their phones on silent mode to save some battery. The truth is, the vibration will use up more power than a low level ringing volume. If you really want to save battery life, put it on silent mode and turn the vibration off. How you want to be notified with activities on your phone will be totally up to you.

Dim the lights

The brighter your screen, the more battery it consumes. Auto-brightness will help you a lot with this issue but admittedly, not all of us are satisfied with the auto-brightness level so we tend to adjust it to a more readable level.

Turn off push notifications

Push notifications will cause your battery to drain very fast. If you can, just use manual retrieval for your email. Those ads being pushed to your phones can be pretty annoying anyway so it’s best to just turn this feature off.

The Smartphone Competition

competitionEvery now and then we see a new smartphone released. It could be from a totally different line from an emerging cellphone manufacturing company or another upgrade from a giant.

We buy the latest smartphone and just after a couple of months or so enjoying its great features, that are probably the best at time of release, another one will come out and will make us want to go for an upgrade immediately. This is a story that goes on over and over again and even though it is very exciting to have a new phone every now and then, it hurts our pockets way more than we want to admit.

We still have not gotten over the excitement about the iPhone 5S and 5C and news about the iPhone 6 coming out in September is already abound. Those who prefer Samsung and have recently purchased the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 will be even more disappointed to know that the S5 could come out as early as April of this year.

What is surprising is that the innovations coming out from these smartphones seem to be endless. The competition gets tougher and tougher as more and more amazing features are added to every new model of smartphone. From the design to the camera, the processor to the battery life, there is always something to improve. If this keeps happening at the rate it’s going now, I just wonder how smartphones will be like this time next year. And you can get the best mobile phone reviews on

The issue though is not about who creates the latest, the best, the most innovative gadget that mankind will ever know. The issue is a little bit more personal – as personal as our pockets. How long are we going to be able to keep up with smartphone upgrades? How long before we just throw our hands up and give up chasing the best model there is? Will there ever be a change in the prices of high-end phones soon?

Let’s keep hoping there will be. Otherwise, the smartphone competition will just be relevant to the giants. If customers can no longer buy the latest gadget, what is the use of improving?

Educational Apps: How Helpful Are They?

Because more and more kids are now growing up with smartphones and tablets, it is to much relief for parents and teachers that there are educational apps that can be used to aid learning and development. Hundreds of thousands of educational apps are added to the app stores of Android and Apple and it could be quite confusing to choose one that is suitable for kids.


Schools are moving into the convenience of using technology as aid in learning. Tablets are now used for activities and millions of pounds are being spent on apps used by the students and teachers. The good news is that these apps seem to work.

Think about it. If you are a parent or a teacher and you simply could not help your little one to spend sometime on your smartphone or tablet, you would rather they do it playing with something educational, right? Thankfully, there are many apps that can teach math skills, language and reading skills, history lessons and there are even more apps that help those with special needs.

Educational apps are revolutionary. We hope of course that they don’t replace traditional schooling. As long as they remain as aids, these educational apps we see everywhere are as awesome as they could be.

Here are some educational apps I recommend:

Funimal Phonics

UK and US English sounds are taught in this educational app that offers fun for both kids and parents. The flash cards are eye-catching and the friendly animal begets the interest of children while learning phonics alphabet.

Little Digits

Learning how to count has never been this fun. This app lets your kid touch the screen with his or her fingers as he or she learns to count. There are simple and challenging math problems here that will surely teach your little one the basics of math in no time.

Around the Clock

Teaching a child how to tell the time can be quite frustrating but with this app, your child will learn it while having fun at the same time. There are 24 mini games that represent the hours of the day and helps your child get familiar with the clock.

Move the Turtle

If you think that you have a little IT specialist, this could be the best app to start with. Children from 5 years onwards can learn the basics of programming with this fun educational app. The friendly turtle will guide them in every step to help your child get ready for the more complicated stuff about computers.

Toca Kitchen

This one if for food lovers, which is, well, most of us actually. Teach your child the basics of cooking in this fun game before letting them loose in your kitchen. You won’t be sorry and you won’t be cleaning up too much mess once they have mastered the basics of frying, using the microwave, slicing ingredients and boiling.

So there’s a short list of my top educational apps. There are so much more apps for you and your child to explore so have fun with your little one!

Will Mobile Phones Change the World?

5986353a_imgHasn’t it yet? There is a lot to tackle about this topic and I guess the best way to discuss it is to ask what else hasn’t the mobile phone industry affected?

If we look around the UK, cellphone signal is everywhere and there is probably just about 2% of the whole country that does not really have cellphone reception. Yes, there are spots where the signal is bad but you can still make a phone call or send a message if you try really hard. The thing is, it seems like nowadays, everything we do revolves around our mobile phones. Whether it’s for communication, entertainment, connecting with friends and probably even looking for what to eat or where to go, we turn to our mobile devices for help.

To say that mobile phones have changed the world is an understatement. For most of us, we can barely remember how it was to live every single day without a phone. There is even a phobia for not being without a cellphone now. However, no matter how we try to live a simple life, it is very hard to do so without a phone, and a smart one at that.

Cellphone manufacturers and mobile phone network providers have made sky-high profits over the past few years. Upgrades for smartphones seem like a necessity rather than a want as smartphone manufacturers create tougher competition every now and then.

Mobile phones have made the world a more convenient place to live and although there may be some negative effects, we cannot discount the fact that connectivity to the world nowadays is a must.

The Best Game Apps for iPhone 5S

The Apple Store has millions of apps and more are even added every day. This makes it tricky to find the best apps for your iPhone 5S so we’ve narrowed down the list for you. We’re giving you some of the best and the latest apps to enjoy on your iPhone.


Cut the Rope 2

If you liked the om nom adventure you’ve come to know of from your previous Apple devices, you will surely like Cut the Rope 2. It’s a new challenging game with brilliant graphics and exciting levels. You may easily think that this is a game for kids but believe me, no matter how old or young you are, you could easily fall into the trap of playing this game for hours.

Plants Vs Zombies 2

Yes, we all went gaga over PVZ and we waited for a long time for the second version of the game to come out. Now that it’s finally here, it made its way to the top of our list. PVZ2 is as exciting as the first one with a couple of added surprises in the gameplay. This is yet another addictive game so be warned.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Playing this game used to make me angry and frustrated if I cannot get over a level. Nonetheless, I’ve grown pretty addicted to the Angry Birds installment and the Star Wars edition is simply another one with amazing gameplay. Levels are more challenging than ever and graphics are very interesting. You will simply spend hours of fun with this game.

 Temple Run 2

It looks like the games we used to enjoy have come back to life with more challenges and more interesting scenes. Temple Run 2 is one of those and it is rather exceptional how the scenery in this one and the older version have changed. This game is as addictive as ever and would still make you jump off your seat as you run for your life and collect coins.

 FIFA 13 iOS

FIFA games have always been a great football game that even non-football fans love. With the addition of the online game play and new moves, the FIFA 13 has become another very likeable game.

Real Racing 2

The graphics are great. The gameplay is spectacular. The challenges are thrilling. What else could you possibly look for in a racing game? Real racing 2 has it all. The only challenge here is to be the best mobile phone driver you could possibly can.

There you have it – my top choices for the best iPhone 5S games. We’re going to have to be even more excited for 2014 apps coming out so watch out for that list soon.